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Introducing The Tidy Team

We are a commissioned service of BMBC South Barnsley Area Council, working across the wards of Darfield and Wombwell, Hoyland, Milton and Rockingham.

We are an experience and qualified team with the flexibility to support individual Community Groups and residents to undertake activities and environmental projects that help create a well maintained, clean, safe, well presented and welcoming physical environment for all.

Helping people feel good about their physical surroundings and encouraging more people to use and enjoy outdoor spaces. Providing we have sufficient volunteers, activities can be managed in your own area with yourselves, in a safe and productive manner.

Should you want to discuss this further or already have ideas in mind that we can help with, then please get in touch so that we can meet and make arrangements.


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Thanks to the help of our fantastic volunteers, in the last quarter we've collected,over 1500 bags of waste and a mass of fly tipping.

Tidy Team

Supporting the community to make a better environment for future generations.

Green dividing line Space Tidy Team telephone Number. 01226 749119