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During this second burst of Covid we are once again supporting our fantastic volunteers and local groups in line with all the relevant safety advice and social distancing rules.

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More Hazards than Usual

In the run up to Christmas we are working hard supporting our communities in picking up all the rubbish and litter left behind by those less thoughtful. Facing on a daily basis the hazards of this work, but now there are biohazards too. Please dispose of all your rubbish sensibly. Remember we want to go home to our families knowing everyone is safe.

Keep britain tidy ad showing discarde pile of face masks

Birdwell Residents Action Group

Fantastic work by BRAG, in and around the Birdwell area keeping their community clean and tidy. We say thank you and keep up the good works. Check out their: 'FaceBook' herre and get involved.

Friends of Wombwell Park

Wombwell park volunteers posing for a snap whist clearing up the park.

Tidy up morning in the park thanks to the fantastic volunteers along with Tidy Team all of whom have been busy making sure everything is was spick and span.

Clean up on Bradberry Balk Lane

A pile of rubbish left behind on Bradberry Balk Lane that is being cleaned up by the Tidy Team

Resulting from a recent request to clean up at Bradberry Balk Lane, and thankfully someone left their address!!!

Playing Fields Access

Before and after image of access path way at King George Playing Fields

Great clean-up work being done with the volunteers at King George V Playing Field.

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Rubbish Advice

Old furniture and garden wast dumped by fly tippers

If you're paying for someone to take your waste, then they need to have the proper waste carrier licence. Otherwise, you can be prosecuted. Enforcement teams are really cracking down on those who are being irresponsible with their waste. If you're paying please make sure you follow the advice given at:

Waste Carriers' Licences

If you suspect that someone may be dumping waste in the area you can let the authorities know by emailing:

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If you have an environmental story, news or activity that you would like to share with us at the Tidy Team then please let us know, give us a call or drop us an email:

see our contact page for details.

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A Junior Warden

young person with spy glass investigating the environment.

Searching for the latest enviro stories to share with the Tidy Team and you.

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