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Education, Education, Eduction.

Our happiness is intertwined with the wellbeing of our local community. Being connected in a community helps us feel like we belong and this has a big impact on our own happiness, that of our family, and the community as a whole.

Tidy Team Environmental Learning

We at the Tidy Team are working to make this happen by developing Environmental Education activities which brings the enviroment to life. Jon (our educational person) is organising and facilitate a programme of such activities to help learn us all a little more about the environment around us, to encourage us to take care of our future community.

Our educational activities are all inclusive and we work with all ages, helping us all to develop an environmental consciousness that will shift our ecological outlook to create a brighter, cleaner and sustainable environment and future.

To find out about or access any of our great learning activities why not give Jon a call on: 07395 164737.

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Meet TT Teach

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TT tells us that the trees are now heavy with foliage, their branches providing a safe haven for the abundance of life in their canopy. Our hedgerows providing a home for wild life whilst our verges are blossoming with wild flowers.

Did you Know?

That for many wading birds the summer is already over, as adult birds start to arrive back on their estuaries from breeding areas as far away as Siberia and Canada. Their youngsters will arrive in August or September.

Tidy Team telephone Number. 01226 749119