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All About Us

The Tidy Team is all about creating a Cleaner and Greener Environment in partnership with local people to improve the overall environmental appearance of the four wards of Wombwell, Darfield, Milton, Hoyland and Rockingham that make up the South Area Council area.

Our policy is one of a 'Working With' the community to tackle the issues of littering, dog fouling, shrub bed maintenance, cutting back etc, to maintaining a clean, well presented and welcoming physical community environment.

Discovering Recycling

Photo of a eco green house bult out of recycled plastic bottles being opend by the children that built it.

Plastic waste turned into an Eco Green House

We also work with our loacl schools and academies to help children and young people discover and care about the environment. The following schools have previously worked with us to help improve and discover the local environment; Birdwell Primary, Ellis, Elsecar, Greenfield, Hoyland Springwood, Jump, Kings Oak, Netherwood, St Michaels and West Meadows.

Tidy Team banner with words working with you on a green background.

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BMBC South Area Council Logo Map of the Tidy Team area of operation in South Barnsley. Green dividing line.

Our Office

Hoylan Common Community Centre, home of the Tidy Team Offices Logo of man pointing, saying We Need You to make it happen. Tidy Team telephone Number. 01226 749119